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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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and we're learning more this morning about the two c-h-p officers killed in the line of duty. both of them with bay area ties. happening now. an officer involved shooting in san lorenzo. is kron four's will tran is live at the scene with details, will? investigators are still here. it's, what happened is the cost and are often 30 last night for some sort of medical condition. the paramedics arrived. the only
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ones here. no need for deputies to read aloud a were treating him inside the house he gets hostile to read paramedic stiller feared for their safety. that's what it called for the deputies to arrive. during the course of the deputies coming here, he goes inside the house to read when deputies arrived, they analyze the scene street saw as paramedics were all care not and that's what they decided to go inside the house korea to the backs of the story from there >>: we developed a team that went inside. it was a sergeant that it is that when inside. as they were searching the house, a man came out with a baseball bat. he hit the start with a baseball bat. the sergeant was carrying a patrol rifle at the time and actually disabled the rifle. hit him in his arm as he tried to block of the strike of the baseball bats. at that time, he transition to his handgun and he fired along with another deputy, hit the man
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and ultimately he die from those injuries >>will: and the officer was not seriously injured. his name not be released and also the suspect not being released at this time. but get this, before they arrived >>: they're called here 19 previous times before they arrive tearing got into it with the suspect who attack them with the baseball bat. >>: back to you. >>: thank you. law enforcement throughout the state of california are in mourning after two highway patrol officers were killed in the line of duty. it's a story we first brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. officer brian law and officer juan gonzalez were killed in an early morning crash near fresno
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yesterday. here's a photo of the two. officer juan gonzalez on the left. and officer brian law on the right. they are the first officers from the fresno chp office to die in the line of duty since 1962. gonzalez and law were driving to a collision along highway 99, near kingsburg, when they swerved to avoid a person in the road and lost control of the vehicle. investigators say their squad car hit a guardrail and struck the pylon of a freeway exit sign. killing both officers. both officers started here in the bay area. one in oakland.
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the other in san jose. reports out of the central valley say, the two officers moved there at the same time. they worked the same shift, and quickly became the best of friends. stay with kron four for continuing coverage on the c-h-p officer deaths. for more on the story you can visit our web site at kron four dot com. coming up at 5-30. you'll hear from colleagues who knew the officers and what they are remembering about them today. 15 people have been displaced by a 2 alarm fire in san jose. the fire started just after six yesterday evening on othello avenue. when firefighters arrived at the house it was fully engulfed. a second alarm was quickly called because the fire was threatening other homes. firefighters attacked the
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fire the best that they can, but had to pull back because of a gas leak. 15 people in san jose are without a home tonight. . after a 2-alarm fire in the 26- hundred block of othello avenue. this cell phone video was shot by a frightened neighbor. you can see how big the fire was on this normally quiet street. it was a little after six o clock. firffighters arrived at this house on othello avenue and found the home fully engulfed. the second alarm was quickly called because the fire was threatening other houses on the block. firefighters went on the attack but had to pull back for a short time because of a gas leak. at one point the fire melted the residential gas line which had free flowing gas, so, there was a fear of explosion. pg&e was able to come in and cap that gas line and we were able to extinguish the fire. no people were injured but family dog died.
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welcome back to the kron4 morning news here's a quick traffic check for you prefer where is it with your ride through san jose on 101 in the northbound direction street currently your drive time out of the coyote valley north bound leading up to our mountain view cam is 18 minutes so we really haven't seen traffic began to slow down gets out for this north bound corridor. >>: >>anny: thanks george. spanking children is always controversial. even more so might be a bill proposed in kansas that would give school teachers and
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caregivers more power to spank children. supporters of the measure say children need to be taught respect. but as bonyen lee reportsm not everyone thinks it's a good idea. deidre sexton enjoys being "nana" with the responsibilities of a guardian by day. i would never ever. but sexton says she has limits with how she disciplines her two year- old granddaughter?and she draws the line at spanking. even if the parent tells you. even if my own children told me you can discipline the grand kids. i wouldn't do it. i would find other ways of doing it. a bill proposed in the a bill proposed in the kansas house suggests lightening the spanking kansas house suggests
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♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. get 10% off all in-stock composite decking at lowe's. ♪ for what it but a kron4 morning news street essex 40 were starting with a live conditions here and san francisco you can make off the top of the building of the lights and a high clouds to indefinitely sued them in the background most of us.
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46 leave your house in daly city. now by three this after no plot conditions will remain. 62 degrees in concord. at that was the low 60s in the south bay with temperatures holding off until the upper 60s. i later on tonight the most of us really it just looking for to cloud cover. however, and we are looking at the possibility for a north bay sprinkle. north bay people you on the tehran for us but the rest of us distilling with temperatures and the upper '40's low 50s. you can also see the showers to the north. if this cannot be a huge rate maker. the
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strength of such will carry us into the weekend and pay, as we start the next were quickly could see eyes and the '70s. at 658 west take a look at the world now. >>george: up as attracting a couple incidents. the east bay freeway starting to load up like the right of interstate. looking at the commute tier of 580 southbound. hat free there. here there's an accident at alfresco niles road. with a starting to back up the ride for palin 92. the sale kron bae which is actually an overpass or 883 has been shut down. just east of the nimitz the
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inconnus alain or hacienda to get around there. is your ride for the south bay. it still looks good. in north bay freeway is aren't the late all southbound. new video in this morning out of the ukraine. where anti-government protests turned violent. this is video out of kiev.
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clashes are going on between the opposition and police outside of parliament. demonstrators are demanding constitutional reform that would reduce president viktor yankovych's powers. the confrontation happened as a session to talk about government changes was delayed. and two days after protestors left a government building they were occupying in kiev following the release of
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several jailed activists. clashes in thailand's capital today have left three people dead.including a police officer. officials say 57 people were injured. police used tear gas and live ammunition to disperse protesters in bangkok.
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demonstrators have been trying for months to force prime minister yingluck shinawatra to resign. ten people are now reported dead in the roof collapse during a college orientation in south korea. officials believe the weight of snow and water caused the roof of an auditorium to come down. butmore than 100 people have been injured. the building was filled with university freshmen attending orientation.
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a disaster official says nine of the dead were students. we told you about thousands of people becoming americans for presidents' day-- now reports are that three-thousand americans renounced their citizenship and gave up their u-s passports last year. that's triple the average for the previous five years, according to an analysis of government data. it appears taxes might have contributed to the spike. unlike most countries, the u-s taxes citizens on all income, no matter where it is earned or where they live. and filing taxes is getting more complicated.
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one expert says reporting taxes can be so difficult that expats are often forced to seek help. and that can add up to thousands of dollars. >>darya: 622 is the time. people tossed around by bad some had to be hospitalized. five people were sent to hospitals following the united airlines flight from denver to billings, montana. it happened yesterday afternoon when the plane was getting ready for landing. airline official says the injured were to three crew members and two passengers. many passengers say they were glad to have landed safely but say it is something they will never forget.
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of combat opening bell on wall street. first trading day of the week to endow futures only of 12. grid with a disappointing manufacturing numbers coming in from new york state's thrift will be following the numbers throughout the morning and have more with our financial expert rob black coming up in 50 minutes to read darya? >>darya: are right. it is 630 let's give you the latest with weather and traffic. >>erica: went into high clouds. this out upper 30s in the north bay. 45 per early in oakland and 43 leaving the house in san jose following this into the afternoon. 64 for all to the valley. upper 50s through the san ramon valley produce 60 to your high and vallejo. 63 today in napa. we are looking at the slight possibility for a sprinkle
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and the north bay later on tonight. that chance will carry early into wednesday morning. past and expect warmer weather with plenty of sunshine grid and dry conditions in to the weekend. >>george: looking at a couple of hot spot to developing the e shore freeway and the nimitz. accidental 80 westbound and there are two of them in the commute direction. it's possible these could be one in the same benefactor turned out to be to separate crashes. there's an accident southbound 880 pence backing up the ride. already salon now from before the '92 interchange backing up toward 2 38th and this out the bomb direction. and at the bay bridge toll plaza will find a big back up for it things came that early onset is definitely slowing
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the we've seen in a while in the westbound direction. >>james: been out of the latest on the situation happening right now a shooting that involved an officer. this shows you where it happened in san lorenzo. kron4's will tran is on the scene of this neighborhood and as we push and you'll see president houses all around the shooting site. what was there now with the latest on what happened. >>will: was sure you the hall where the officer involved shooting took place. to wit officers are still here. it actually started around 1030 last night when a man inside the home called paramedics was some sort of medical condition. the paramedics arrived. he gets into a confrontation that goes back inside. the paramedics fearing for their safety.
6:33 am
the crowd the deputies 3 that the deputies came here. now here's a new pitcher coming from investigators. while the officers were inside they said that they were attacked with his baseball bats from the suspect. he heads one of the officers so hard that the gun wasn't able to be used but of the officer was up fast on his feet. he along with other officers opened fire on this man coming up as some o'clock out show you how many times officers have been here before. a little can't read more than 12 times for it will have that coming upper. >>mark:what happens when a neo nazi skin head comes face to face with the south bay gay teen he thought he killed? it's a riveting true story. we meet the real people behind this oscar nominated documentary - next. imagine being nearly beaten to death by neo nazi's determined to gay bash. it happened to a south bay
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man who was only a kid at the time. the true story - of what happened when he came face to face with the former skin head who thought he'd killed him -- is the subject of a documentary that's short-listed for an academy award. matthew, was 13 at the time. left his family home in fremont for the streets of hollywood. gay-bashed in a dark alley by a gang of neo nazi's. left for dead. 25 years later - coming face to face with the skin head who smashed his head. his name is tim. the story of matthew and tim and how they retraced their past and healed their wounds is the subject of a
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documentary short called facing fear. it's been nominated for an oscar. director jason cohen is from the bay area while it sounds like a story of violence. it's really about the power of forgiveness. matthew bears the physical scars of the brutal beating he took. but none of them - are emotional. i'm vicki liviakis kron 4 news.
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happening now. an officer involved shooting in san lorenzo. here's where it happened. officer brian law and officer juan gonzalez were killed in an early morning crash near fresno yesterday. but here's a photo of the two. officer juan gonzalez on the left. sphinxand officer brian law
6:37 am
on the right. they are the first officers from the fresno chp office to die in the line of duty since 1962. gonzalez and law were driving to a collision along highway 99, near kingsburg, when they swerved to avoid a person in the road and lost control of the vehicle. investigators say their squad car hit a guardrail has and struck the pylon of a freeway exit sign. killing both officers. been
6:38 am
both officers started here in the bay area. one in oakland. the other in san jose. reports out of the central valley say, the two officers moved there at the same time. they worked the same shift, and quickly became the best of friends. set. officer juan gonzalez is being remembered fondly by his c-h-p colleagues in the south bay. gonzalez was assigned to the c-h-p's san jose office on junction avenue. for much of 2010 and part of 2011. his partner for much of that time, was officer
6:39 am
ross lee, who had just completed his training. lee says, officer gonzalez was his mentor in those days. and that the two worked side by side, often working the same detail in the same patrol car. during the graveyard shift. we asked officer lee to share his memories. officer lee stayed on in san jose and works there today. while his former partner moved on to the assignment in the central valley to be closer to his extended family. and c-h-p officers in oakland are remembering the other officer who lost his life. officer brian law got his start at the oakland office. he leaves behind a wife and three young children.
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welcome back to the kron4 morning news as we are tracking in the hot spot. two accidents 580. it is backed up the ride all the way to highway 4 and now the interstate 80 drive time is 34 minutes from hercules to
6:42 am
berkeley. it should be about 22. >>: naomy rojas was shot to a magnitude-6.5 earthquake struck northeast of barbados early tuesday, but there were no reports of damage and casualties, officials said. the u.s. geological survey said the temblor was centered 107 miles, barbados. the earthquake was ket strong but that so far no damage or casualties have been reported. the eastern caribbean was last struck by a powerful
6:43 am
earthquake in 2007, when a magnitude-7.4 one centered just northwest of nice martinique's coastline severely damaged some buildings on the island.
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a woman's claims that she killed 22 people before she lost count have surprised but others are saying they're skeptical of miranda barbour.who is accused of killing a man
6:46 am
with her husband. barbour claims to have killed her first victim when she was just 13 years old. but some people believe this is a ploy to get a lesser sentence. police believe barbour and her newlywed husband used a craigslist "companions" ad to lure 42-year-old troy laferrara to his death. both have pleaded not guilty. left turn our attention to weather and traffic. george beginning with our commute check. any problems this morning? >>: a ride on interstate 80 in the westbound direction is backed up the kind highway 4. things are really getting bald appear. as well as for the nimitz freeway
6:47 am
southbound aware of current problems at an overall niles road and a crash at wimple that's backed up the ride here and on surface streets we fan of the scene of a shooting here here on surface streets an investigation that a sale friday has been shut down of the toledo. so you are going to want to use will welling or hacienda instead. here's a bridge check for you as we look first at your ride to the bay bridge toll plaza. we are back up into the macarthur maze with a 22 minute drive time coming off highway 4. and looking at here commute on interstate 580 richmond san rafael bridge starting to see some slowing in the right hand
6:48 am
cash lanza as you move toward the toll plaza. here's and you or erica with the weather >>erica: the morning chores. let's start with a live look from atop mount tam cam. this shop always offers relate of gorgeous text of the morning. as we take a look at the temperatures 45 of the door in oakland. it is not as cold as 24 hours ago. by the time we reach the afternoon fix backlog conditions. places like daly city getting a high of 61. we do have some moisture of to the north. the chance for some rain will linger on the we are 15 in.. over 50
6:49 am
in. high where we should be. 10 in. behind in san francisco. unfortunately nothing but dry weather with plenty of sunshine. it will look like springtime. >>:time to talk with our financial expert rob black disappoints gain manufacturing numbers. still some criticism going on? >>: the asp and those market numbers we started with or close to all-time highs. the manufacturing numbers, blame it on the weather.
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>>: a good sign of connection. i hate the idea of their investment. >>: if you look inside novelist russell three revenue of $71 million this time last year now earning 32,000,003 wildly profitable. you're buying a lollipop crusher. i don't know what it is that it is what it is. the book $269 billion in profit for rich get a titanic type film and video game that has margins
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no actors and actresses directors of special effects. the ipo coming nonetheless will check back with you and i 15 for winners and losers >>: will be right back as ♪ ♪
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and check this out-- car jump.
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check this out of video and a kron4 that shows what can happen when at a bus driver loses control of his bus. it look at the bus driver perspective. happened in boise idaho last month. and running off the road and it takes all light poles. look at that tree it runs right down and a bunch of poles and trees. the whole time you can hear soaring in beijing. the video captured on the blackboard. investigators charge of the at the driver with a necklace gent driving. it said he was driving drowsy. >>: taking a look at this. reality tv personality rob
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the third deck just a guinness world record there in a gravity defined models don't. he went backwards. he drove a car in reverse and jumped at to 89 ft.. he have to be pretty the size to one and went against what roberts is in town. that car goes into the gas as a world record books. he's also a former pro scouts skateboarder is best offer his tv series rob and big. >>: with a desperate coming
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up on the kron4 morning news following several developing story. in the next hour we'll have the latest zero with law enforcement and morning. two officers killed for it will get reaction from people who served alongside the chp officers. good. good answer.
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following a developing story out of san leandro where a man of cost chromatics for help and ultimately get shot and killed by deputies. i have the live interview coming up on the kron4 morning news. and we're learning more this morning about the two c-h-p officers killed in the line of duty. both of them with bay area ties. happening now. an officer involved shooting in san lorenzo. here's where it happened. here's our hot spot. >>: that's right. looking at a couple after a quiet holiday morning traffic is backed pretty heavy typically suffer westbound for a for south of


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